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Zigbee Protocol Stack

ZigBee is a wireless communication protocol designed for low-power, low-data-rate applications. It is commonly used in home automation, smart lighting, and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The ZigBee protocol defines a stack of layers that work together to provide reliable communication between devices. The ZigBee stack consists of the following layers: The ZigBee stack […]

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Top 5 Wi-Fi Attacks

Introducing the latest technology in Wi-Fi security – keep your network safe from rogue access points, DDOS attacks, MiTM and cracking with our cutting-edge Wi-Fi protection. Stop worrying about cyber threats and stay connected without fear. Get the best Wi-Fi security now. 1. Rogue Access Points These are unauthorized access points that can be set […]

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How to hack bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speakers have been around for many years and were originally designed to be paired with devices such as smartphones and tablets so that they could be used to transmit audio content wirelessly. Since then, bluetooth speakers have become more and more popular as people have realized the many advantages this type of device can […]

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How to install Pyrit in Kali Linux

Pyrit allows you to create massive databases of pre-computed WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication phase in a space-time-tradeoff. By using the computational power of Multi-Core CPUs and other platforms through ATI-Stream,Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL, it is currently by far the most powerful attack against one of the world’s most used security-protocols. Pyrit is old, is outdated and it’s still Python2 I am currently […]

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How to Run a Bluetooth Honeypot on Kali

Bluetooth honeypots are a great way to collect valuable information about malicious user activities. By setting up a honeypot on your Bluetooth-enabled device, you can monitor potential malicious connection attempts and collect data from potential hackers. Here’s how to get started. Step 1: Set Up Your Environment To begin, you’ll need to set up your […]

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How to Install Wifite 2: Complete Tutorial

Learn how to install Wifite 2 on Raspbian OS or Kali Linux Supported Attacks Required Tools Tool Description Git python Wifite2 supports python2 and python3 iwconfig OS tool to manage wireless connections. Aircrack-ng Pack All tools from Aircrack Suite sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng tshark tshark will be used to sniff all network packets necessary to […]

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Red Team Hardware Toolkit

The Red Team Hardware Toolkit provides the latest and most innovative tools to help you plan, create, and execute your next attack. Our toolkit features precision devices that allow you to test your security systems and gain access to sensitive information. With our tools, you can easily gain access to networks and systems, gather vital […]

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