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How to Install Wifite 2: Complete Tutorial

Learn how to install Wifite 2 on Raspbian OS or Kali Linux Supported Attacks Required Tools Tool Description Git python Wifite2 supports python2 and python3 iwconfig OS tool to manage wireless connections. Aircrack-ng Pack All tools from Aircrack Suite sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng tshark tshark will be used to sniff all network packets necessary to […]

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Red Team Hardware Toolkit

Offensive Devices Wireless 802.11 Device Chip Frequency Description Framework Buy DStrike Wi-Fi Pineapple Alfa awus036neh Alfa Bluetooth Device Chip Frequency Description Framework Buy Ubertooth AILOVA Ble Sniffer CC2540 2,405-2,485 GHz ZigBee Device Technology Chip Frequency Description Framework Buy ConBee II Zigbee nRF 52840 ZigBee CC2531 2,405-2,485 GHz NRF Device Technology Chip Frequency Description Framework Buy […]

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WHID Elite: Open-Source Multi-Purpose Offensive Device

WHID Elite is a GSM-enabled Open-Source Multi-Purpose Offensive Device that allows a threat actor to remotely inject keystrokes, bypass air-gapped systems, conduct mousejacking attacks, do acoustic surveillance, RF replay attacks and much more. In practice, is THE Wet Dream of any Security Consultant out there! Original Product Description WHID Elite Features 2G/GSM Networks remote control […]

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OWASP IoT Top 10 2018

Weak Guessable, or Hardcoded Passwords Insecure Network Services Insecure Ecosystem Interfaces Lack of Secure Update Mechanism Use of Insecure or Outdated Components Insufficient Privacy Protection Insecure Data Transfer and Storage Lack of Device Management Insecure Default Settings Lack of Physical Hardening

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