Interface monitor mode: Airmon-ng 2021

Interface monitor mode Interface monitor mode To start smelling the frequencies we need a wifi card compatible with monitor mode, this means it theoretically the monitor interface is passive – just receive packets! But with some drivers like mac80211 we can also transmit packets – Packet Injection! Wonderland More information about packet Inspection here! We have two methods to put… Read More »Interface monitor mode: Airmon-ng 2021

Secure a Wireless Network

10 Steps to Secure a Wireless Network Security in 2020

Secure a wireless network is an extreme important task to do on our Home wireless network, it is a easy process when we have a basic knowledge of a wireless infrastructure. 1 – Strong Wireless Password Using a strong wireless password is vital to secure our network, these days any person with bad intend can hack a weak wireless network… Read More »10 Steps to Secure a Wireless Network Security in 2020