Learn how to install Wifite2 on Raspbian OS or Kali Linux

Supported Attacks

  1. WPS: The Offline Pixie-Dust attack
  2. WPS: The Online Brute-Force PIN attack
  3. WPA: The WPA Handshake Capture + offline crack.
  4. WPA: The PMKID Hash Capture + offline crack.
  5. WEP: Various known attacks against WEP, including fragmentationchop-chopaireplay, etc.

Required Tools

pythonWifite2 supports python2 and python3
iwconfigOS tool to manage wireless connections.
Aircrack-ng PackAll tools from Aircrack Suitesudo apt-get install aircrack-ng
tsharktshark will be used to sniff all network packets necessary to crack the network.sudo apt-get install tshark
reaverReaver is an amazing tool to crack Wi-fi network specially WPS.sudo apt-get install reaver
bullyAnother amazing tool to attack WPS with Pixie dust attacks.
coWPAttyCan be used to many things but here is used to detect handshakes
pyritUsed to detect handshakes, attention it only works with python2.sudo apt-get install pyrit
hashcatPKMID attacks
Wifite 2 tools needed

Install Wifite2

git clone https://github.com/derv82/wifite2.git
cd wifite2
sudo python setup.py install
sudo ./Wifite.py

Source Wifite2

wireless penetration testing