How to Install Universal Radio Hacker on Kali (URH)

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Install Universal Radio Hacker Tutorial

Universal Radio Hacker URH) is an amazing tool to analyze wireless protocols around us, it has native support for the most common SDR Hardware and it recognize most common modulations and it can demodulate it on the fly.

Universal Radio Hacker
Universal Radio Hacker

On this tutorial i will explain hot to install URH and explain some of the basic features on further tutorials i will explain how to use it in deep.

URH Features

  • Automatic Demodulation
  • Custom Decoding
  • Fuzzing
  • Signal Record
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Sniff Protocol

It can be used to analyze the spectrum or record the signal and transmit it again

URH Options
URH Options

URH Supported devices

As we can see on the following image, URH have support to many SDR devices some of them with TX capabilities.

URH Supported devices
URH Supported devices

Install URH on Linux

To install URH on Linux we have three ways, using pip or our package manager or we can install it from source. On this manual I will explain ll of them.

Install URH Method 1 – Pip

sudo python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip
sudo python3 -m pip install urh

Install URH Method 2 – Package Manager

sudo apt -y install urh

Install URH Method 3 – From Source

git clone
cd urh
python install

Upgrade URH

python3 -m pip install --upgrade urh


URH Git Hub Project