How to Install GNU Radio

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Install some dependencies

└─# sudo apt-get install cmake
└─# sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool shtool autoconf automake git-core pkg-config make gcc
└─# sudo apt-get install libpcsclite-dev libtalloc-dev gnutls-dev libsctp-dev libmnl-dev

Install libosmocore

Clone the libosmocore repo from github.

└─# git clone git://

Enter the repo folder and execute autoconf

└─# cd libosmocore/
└─# autoreconf -i

Configure the package on our system

└─# ./configure

Compile libosmocore and then install it

└─# make
└─# sudo make install

Reload all libs

└─# sudo ldconfig -i

Install GNU-Radio

└─# sudo apt-get install gnuradio gnuradio-dev

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