How to install CrackLE
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How to easy install CrackLE: Crack Bluetooth PINs

Learn how to install CrackLE on kali Linux and start cracking Bluetooth PINs. If you want to read more about on this article: Bluetooth Penetration Testing Fundamentals: Part 1

Install CrackLE : Crack Bluetooth PINs
Install CrackLE : Crack Bluetooth PINs

crackle exploits a flaw in the BLE pairing process that allows an attacker to guess or very quickly brute force the TK (Temporary Key). With the TK and other data collected from the pairing process, the STK (Short Term Key) and later the LTK (Long Term Key) can be collected.


CrackLE Limitations

How to easy install CrackLE

Step 1: Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev

Step 2: Clone the GitHub repo

git clone
sudo make install

Step 3: Use CrackLE

crackle -i input.pcap -o decrypted.pcap
crackle -i <file.pcap>
crackle -i <file.pcap> -o <output.pcap>
crackle -i <file.pcap> -o <out.pcap> -l <ltk>

CrackLE GitHub

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