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Auditing Wireless Networks GAWN

The GAWN Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks certification is created to security professionals who need to learn and gain experience on wireless networks security.

This certification focuses on different wireless technologies I will try to explain each topic and recommend the best hardware on the market to engage into wireless security attacks.

Areas Covered

  • Attacking weak encryption, 802.11 fuzzing attacks, bluetooth attacks
  • Bridging the air gap, DECT, DoS on wireless networks, high-frequency RFID attacks, and RFID applications
  • Hotspots, low-frequency RFID attacks, NFC, practical SDR attacks, and rogue networks
  • Sniffing wireless, wireless basics, wireless client attacks, WPA2, and Zigbee

Auditing Wireless Networks

Wireless Basics

Wireless Attacking Tools and Frameworks

Attacking Weak Encryption

Cracking WPA2

Wireless Client Attacks

802.11 Fuzzing Attacks


Rogue Networks

Sniffing Wireless

DoS on Wireless Networks

The candidate need to understand how common DoS attacks works and how to defend against them. In order to study for this GWAN chapter read our blog posts:

Bluetooth Attacks

Bluetooth Low Energy Attacks

Bridging the Air Gap

High-Frequency RFID Attacks

The candidate will demonstrate understanding of RFID tracking techniques, and how to exploit mid to long-range RFID applications.

Low-Frequency RFID Attacks

Cloning Low-Frequency Tags

Cloning High-Frequency Tags

Cracking Tag Keys with Brute Forceli

NFC Attacks

Practical SDR Attacks

Replay Attacks

Rolling Code Attacks

Zigbee Pentesting

DECT Attacks

Offensive Devices

wireless penetration testing

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