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Zigbee cc2531 sniffer protocol analyzer

cc2531 usb sniffer Features Flashed with CC2531ZNP-Prod firmware for zigbee2mqtt application Lead out 8 IO connectors Debug interface Size: 5.6*1.6*0.7cm Two buttons and two LEDs for user interaction Frequently Asked Questions Question #1 Aptent felis blandit cursus gravida sociis eleifend lectus nullam conubia mauris dapibus netus feugiat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Question… Read More »Zigbee cc2531 sniffer protocol analyzer

How to BlueSmacking a Bluetooth device

What is BlueSmacking? BlueSmacking is a technique to performe a Denial of Service attack into Bluetooth devices abuzing the L2PCAP layer. Bluesmacking is a technique to DoS a bluetooth device, it is possible by floodind the device with big L2CAP payloads. How to BlueSmacking? How to prevent BlueSmacking? CAPEC-666: BlueSmacking

How to install Bettercap on Kali

Learn how to install Bettercap the Swiss Army knife for WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, wireless HID hijacking and IPv4 and IPv6 networks reconnaissance.

GSM Hacking: Decrypt SMS Data

Decrypt GSM SMS On my previous article we see how to sniff GSM Network and capture downstream packets. To better understand all parameters and technology terminology read my article GSM Networks for Pentesters. Before Cracking Before starting the decryption process we need a few things ready. Our CFILE with all data captured Rainbow tables to… Read More »GSM Hacking: Decrypt SMS Data

How to Install GNU Radio

Learn how to install GNU Radio into Linux and decode all frequencies around you. Install the last version full patched. Install some dependencies Install libosmocore Clone the libosmocore repo from github. Enter the repo folder and execute autoconf Configure the package on our system Compile libosmocore and then install it Reload all libs Install GNU-Radio… Read More »How to Install GNU Radio

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