Wifi Punpkin 3: How to Install on Kali Linux 2020.4

Wifipumpkin3 is a Powerful framework for Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point Attack


  • iptables (current: iptables v1.6.1)
  • iw (current: iw version 4.14)
  • net-tools (current: version (1.60+)
  • wireless-tools (current: version 30~pre9-12)
  • hostapd (current: hostapd v2.6)

Install Dependencies

 sudo apt install libssl-dev libffi-dev build-essential

Clone the Wifi Punpkin Repo

git clone https://github.com/Offensive-Wireless/wifipumpkin3.git
cd wifipumpkin3

Install Pyqt5 for Wifi Pumpkin

sudo apt install python3-pyqt5

Verify Pyqt5

python3 -c "from PyQt5.QtCore import QSettings; print('done')"

Install Wifi Punpkin 3

Install Wifi Punpkin 3
Install Wifi Punpkin 3
sudo python3 setup.py install


What is Wireless Phishing?

Wireless phishing is any technique by which an attacker attempts to convince wireless network users to divulge sensitive information.

Sniff Wireless Keyboards

Sniff Wireless Keyboards