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Red Team Hardware Toolkit

The Red Team Hardware Toolkit provides the latest and most innovative tools to help you plan, create, and execute your next attack. Our toolkit features precision devices that allow you to test your security systems and gain access to sensitive information. With our tools, you can easily gain access to networks and systems, gather vital […]

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WHID Elite: Open-Source Multi-Purpose Offensive Device

WHID Elite is a GSM-enabled Open-Source Multi-Purpose Offensive Device that allows a threat actor to remotely inject keystrokes, bypass air-gapped systems, conduct mousejacking attacks, do acoustic surveillance, RF replay attacks and much more. In practice, is THE Wet Dream of any Security Consultant out there! Original Product Description WHID Elite Features 2G/GSM Networks remote control […]

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OWASP IoT Top 10 2018

Weak Guessable, or Hardcoded Passwords Insecure Network Services Insecure Ecosystem Interfaces Lack of Secure Update Mechanism Use of Insecure or Outdated Components Insufficient Privacy Protection Insecure Data Transfer and Storage Lack of Device Management Insecure Default Settings Lack of Physical Hardening

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Wireless Penetration Testing: Everything You Need to Know to Secure Your Network

Introduction to Wireless Penetration Testing Wireless penetration testing is a method to test an organization’s security. It is the process of gaining unauthorized access to the wireless network, data, and applications. The objective is to find any holes in the organization’s security architecture and devise tactics to help thwart attackers (Wireless Penetration Testing). Wireless penetration […]

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[Free] Bluetooth Penetration Testing Fundamentals: Part 1

This article (Bluetooth Penetration Testing Fundamentals) attempts to give an overview of the technology, terms, and security that are built into Bluetooth. I hope this will allow you to get started in hacking Bluetooth without getting bogged down by too much technical detail. Before starting any hacking tutorials, you need to understand the technology. To […]

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GIAC Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks (GAWN)

The GIAC Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks GAWN certification is created to security professionals who need to learn and gain experience on wireless networks security. This certification focuses on different wireless technologies I will try to explain each topic and recommend the best hardware on the market to engage into wireless security attacks. Areas Covered […]

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