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How to Sniff GSM Networks with Kali Linux on RaspberryPI

Hardware RaspberryPI 4 USB RTL SDR Tools Kalibrate GNURadio GR-GSM libosmocore Install GR-GSM Pre Requesites Kalibrate This tool help understand what frequencies and channels used by BTS’s around us. Install dependencies for Kalibrate tool. Clone the kalibrate git hub repository to our machine Prepare our system to install Kalibrate We are using RaspberryPI is better to optimize the script to… Read More »How to Sniff GSM Networks with Kali Linux on RaspberryPI

How to Install srsLTE on Kali Linux | LTE software radio suite

srsLTE is a free and open-source 4G LTE software suite. Using srsLTE, you can build an end-to-end software radio mobile network. How to Install srsLTE Install srsLTE Dependencies Clone srsLTE Repo Compile srsLTE Install srsLTE Configure srsLTE Service EPC – Evolved Packet Core Start srsEPC NodeB – Evolved NodeBs Start srsENB UE – User Equipment Start srsUE Official srsLTE Website