Secure a Wireless Network

Secure a wireless network is an extreme important task to do on our Home wireless network, it is a easy process when we have a basic knowledge of a wireless infrastructure.

Strong Wireless Password

Using a strong wireless password is vital to secure our network, these days any person with bad intend can hack a weak wireless network and eavesdrop the communications easily.

Wireless passwords should be strong, and none related to any word, phrase or text sentence from any book or article. Even the most common words or sentences in L33T format shouldn’t be used, keep it unnatural!

  • Use at least 15 characters, but you can use at least 63 ASCII chars
  • Use a mix of numbers, letters and symbols
  • Avoid common sentences
  • Never reuse a wireless password.
  • Don’t use web Hash’s

Long Password is the Key

Remember a strong wireless password is extreme important to avoid being monitored or exploited by some criminal.

Password Strength

Strong Router Administrator Password

Go to your router web page and change the default credentials, most vendors have a default username and password and they can be finding online for anyone with interest.

Avoid Default Passwords

Hide SSID Broadcasts

WPS – Wireless Protected Enable

WPS Pin Mode

On WPS technology an 8 digit Pin code can be used instead of WPA2 WIFI password this is extremely insecure and is highly recommend to be disable when is possible.

WPS Push Button Mode

Weak Network Encryption

Disable DHCP

MAC Address Filters

AP Isolation

Activate 802.14

Firmware Upgrade

Disable UPnP

Use a VPN to encrypt network traffic

Secure a Wireless Network

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